JORD Wooden Watches

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JORD Wooden Watches- More than telling the time

Unless you are familiar with the brand, it's likely that when you're reading the name "JORD" you are pronouncing it wrong.. No worries!
 It is surprisingly pronounced "Yoad" (toad but with a Y).  Jord is the Swedish word for “land”.

We typically wouldn’t partner with a watch making company…  but we like what this one is all about.  JORD focuses on details, styling, comfort, etc.  But most importantly, JORD focuses on making you stop to think and fully immerse yourself in the moment, not just simply telling you what time it is.  As you already know, in our aerial work, we want you to see your everyday life from above.  An aerial view gives you the full perspective and truly allows you to enjoy your experiences more.  In a similar fashion, Father’s Day shouldn't just be another date passed within the year, it should be a meaningful day that is enjoyed. 

Finding the right gift for Father’s Day can be difficult.  You are seeking something that is meaningful but also useful… something that will grab the attention of your Dad and others, and to remind him of how important he is. 

Wearing this luxury wooden watch is exceptional.  It is so comfortable you don’t even know you’re wearing it until you look down!  When you do take a peek, instead of noticing the time, your eye is drawn to the wood craftsmanship along the face and the inner workings of the clock.  If your eye is always distracted by the uniqueness of the watch, you can bet others are noticing those same features.  Wooden watches are rare and it feels good stand out.


Watch Gift Ideas

The JORD watch you see in these pictures is the Zebrawood & Sandalwood Dover Series ( 
Its easy to get the correct size and the wood feels very soft on your wrist.  You can even get the watch engraved if you wish to do so.  Be prepared to answer a lot of questions while wearing a JORD watch because people will ask where to find such a perfectly crafted wooden timepiece. 

Check out their website for more!

Follow this link to enter the free JORD Watch give away-


Stay Inspired, -The IAV Team



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