Meet our Founder and CEO, Kyle Hulse. Born a Wisconsin, USA native, Kyle has always loved photography and had an entrepreneurial mindset. Kyle was first intrigued by aerial photography almost 4 years ago. After purchasing his first drone, Kyle has become passionate about capturing amazing shots and pushing creative limits. Kyle is a very social and outgoing businessman, and prioritizes taking the time to build strong relationships. Throughout his drone career, Kyle has developed many influential partnerships, with clients such as CNN, DJI, Marriott Hotels, and more. When he is not flying his drone to get the perfect aerial shot or working on his business, Kyle also enjoys traveling, golfing, and kicking back with friends and family. His goal for Inspired Aerial Views has always been to create a platform that connects drone creators with clients seeking aerial media. He is excited that Inspired Aerial Views has become a central hub for aerial photographers, cinematographers, editors, and media influencers alike to create, share, and inspire amazing artwork.



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