If you've found yourself on this page, you must be somewhat curious as to how we make our moving photos. This page will explain how to get the software, why we chose to use this software with our work, and a brief description on using the software. 

                             Click this link for the Plotagraph Pro software:

                                                       Plotagraph Pro is a software founded by the award winning photographer Troy Plota. 
                                                                     The software is simple to use and is utilized by digital experts across the world.


We like partnering with Plotagraph Pro because it allows us to bring our photos to life. We are always looking to gain new perspective, which is why we specialize in aerial photography using state of the art drones. Revisiting our photos and applying the Plotagraph Pro software allows us to relive the moments during which the shot was captured. One of our favorite kinds of shots to capture involves suspending the drone in the air within the same GPS coordinates while allowing subject matter to move independently on the screen. However, because of small positioning movements due to onboard computer interference, GPS calibration, or weather changes, these shots can be difficult to capture. Plotagraph allows us to create the same type of shot in an easier and more elegant way while maintaining 4K resolution. We take pride in the precision and quality of our work, and partnering with Plotagraph has allowed us to maintain these standards.

If you have any questions about the software or how we incorporate into our work, please feel free to reach out to us. Head over to our portfolio tab to see more of our favorite photos using Plotagraph Pro. Below you will find some screen shots and a description explaining how easy it is to animate photos using the Plotagraph Pro software. 

What we found is best is to not over complicate the process.  

1.  Select a photo you can envision a cool pattern of movement within.

2.  Determine what parts of the photo you'd like to be moving and what parts of the photo you'd like to remain stationary.

3.  Plot and drag the movement points to animate the photograph in the direction you want.

4.  Polish it up, adjust the video settings, add any other finishing touches, and export in 4K resolution!